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Mold In The Attic – What do you do ?

House attic mold is one of the most common items that appear on any house inspector’s report; and as such, it is about time peopleMold in the attic learnt how to do an effective house attic Mold cleanup and perhaps kill the mold completely in the process. But before we go on about how to do it, there is something you should know prior to signing that thousand dollar contract with a mold cleaning company. Let us take the assumption that you are in the middle of a house buying transaction and the health inspector has just revealed to you that your entire attic is teeming with molds. The first reaction would be to heap blame on the roofing contractor and perhaps yourself for not having thought about it well enough. But if the roof of your new house is older and you are looking to replace it, then this advice will come in pretty handy

How Do You Find A Qualified Mold Remediation Contract

Go to your local directory and contact about 3-4 mold cleaning companies. Be specific and let the companies know  that you do not only want to get rid of the mold, but want to also ensure that the room aeration is corrected so as to avert any such happenings in the future. One great mold remediation company is Superior Mold Removal they have great website that provides great information they are the best resource for mold remediation in San Diego .  In the case of an old roof, contact the same number of roofing contractors and ask them for a quotation on the entire cost of replacing the roof including that of the adorning boards. Ask them if the attic lagging requires any replacing too. This will enable you to make a sound assessment of the entire cost and plan for it before hand. However if only a small area of your attic has molds, you will find that the roof replacement option will come in as somewhat costly. In the case where the mold is widespread and roof replacement might be necessary, it is noteworthy to say that even though this might come in as rather costlier than simple cleaning; it comes with an additional home facelift. It also gives you the chance to install fittings that make sure this does not happen again.

What If You Want To Clean Up The Mold Yourself

Mold-in-atticNow, when it comes to cleaning up the mold itself it is imperative for you to know that the basic principle is to ensure that you remove it from the surface from which it is growing. If you can actually get rid of the surface itself then the better. In this case it is usually recommended that you clean off the surface with the help of a damp vacuum cleaner. First, begin by wiping off the surface with a damp sponge or a wood cleaning fabric. When doing this, always ensure that you keep all the contaminated material in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of it just like any other waste. In a case where you may or may not have an allergy to house molds, it is advisable to wear protective clothing nonetheless.  This is because the attic you are cleaning may be having insulation material and dust which may affect you in the process